Most of the talk of all the MMA websites over the weekend was the happenings that took place in Calgary Friday night. Kim Couture was back in action and taking on Sheila Bird in the co-main event of AX Combat 1. Most of the attention ended up being on referee Len Koivisto, who for whatever reason, allowed Couture (who was clearly unconscious) to remain in a scissor choke for a good 7-8 seconds before stopping the fight. One of the worst jobs of officiating you will ever see when watching a MMA fight. 

I had a chance to talk to Kim today over the phone and she was shocked at all the attention the fight had gotten, " I'm fine and I can't believe how ridiculous this thing has spun out of control", she said. I asked her about referee Len Koivisto said after the fight.  " He asked me if I was OK after the fight and told me he didn't want to stop it too soon". 

She was in good spirits after the fight. " Sheila and I hung out til 4am that morning", Couture told me. " She was very professional and a really cool person". She was also happy that Sheila didn't do more damage to her. "She could have broke my arm if she wanted to....she eased up after when I went out". Kim told me she had never seen that move before and that Sheila was "very slick". She also suffered a cut above her left eye, but it didn't require stitches. 

An interesting side note to the fight is that it almost didn't happen. "I got a call at 4:30pm the day of the fight from the New Jersey Athletic Commission and they told me I was suspended and that I needed to provide a CT Scan of facial bones", Kim told me." I called my surgeon and he sent the X-ray that I had done in February.......and they (Calgary) let me fight" 

Kim is also use to the "hate" shown towards her on MMA message boards and around the MMA community. " Maybe its from the Randy divorce......but what people don't know is that Randy and I are still very close and he was over the house today and asked me if I was OK.....he was concerned for me". 

Kim went to the doctor today and had a full physical and says there is no damage. She is expected to fight Jessica Bartness on July 30 at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in a kickboxing contest.
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